Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ENEMY MINE: Digimarc spins Real ID resources

It makes sense that one of the best collectors of data on Real ID legislation would have been a hungry tech company eager for states to turn over Real ID business. The Real ID page on Digimarc's site looks like a virtual shrine or library, committed to the evolving history of their bread-and-butter winnings. Amid the Real ID library of information here I discovered the existence of an corporate entity known as the International Organization for Standardization.

Now why would that be scary? Why would we need international standardization for a local and state drivers ID? Well... I think it doesn't have much at all to do with passports, now that the RFID has been implemented quietly in them. It does have more to do with networking and contract oversights and birdhawking slight changes so that they can accomodate the Dept. of Homeland (In)Security.

Digimarc's stance seems auspicious now that Real ID is viewed as LAW. What's most important now is how to disallow corporate contractors, like Digimarc and INPUT, to make decisions for you about how you will live.

Digimarc, based in Oregon, sponsored the second Government ID Technology Summitt, held in Washington DC in September of 2007. Amid keynote speakers were George Valverde, Director of CA DMV and Raymond Sheppach of the National Governors Association. Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed the originial bill but sustained some heat after the senate confirmed Valverde last spring.

Citizens of the US should not not have to ask permission to migrate from a tech corporattion or their government. However, it will be that way if you let it.

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