Thursday, January 31, 2008

Something to investigate

Real ID enforcement is a problem. People are trying other end arounds. Ron Paul mentioned in the last blog post that he wouldn't mind giving his information to an airport security company to expedite his travel. The RFID chip has landed in conspicuously friendly terms as an "alternative" to being banked with a government database with CLEAR, a product released through Verified Identity Pass, Inc. Sound much like verichip?

My two cents on this idea is to not buy into this. It's a lot like recruiting people for the verichip to do it on their own. The government then turns to us and says, "People are paying for this service and here we are offering it to you for free!!" Not really. It comes out of your taxes in fact. You are paying the US government to be chipped by Digimarc and Input.

We have aches and pains in common getting through the humilations of airport security. I flew for the first time since 911, during the holidays. I was asked to take my shoes off and put them into an airport x-ray. Watching people do this en masse was uncomfortable. The appearance was like we were at a bowling alley : everyone was just pushing through, doing the best they can, but resenting it all the same.

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