Thursday, March 22, 2012

Institute Issues Warning to Census Bureau Over Invasive Surveying

Florida's OpEd "Stacking the Deck"

Notes from the OTHER swamp

BTC --  I think it's always relevant to listen to the voices of organizations and citizens who are being impacted on a daily basis by bad law.  To be a completely cynical comic I would say Real ID would be a back door way to keep old ladies from driving in Florida (tah-dum-CHH), but it would be a bad joke any way you slice it.

Paul Henry has consistent past as a public interest advocate in Florida on a law which is making it an increasingly miserable place to live for its oppressive politics, the large assortment of bloodsucking swamp parasites, giant flying cockroaches (palmetto drones), the snakes, criminal human vermin, transient tourist vermin, the gators, the heat ... you get it.

His commentary comes from the base stifles of Florida's own local swampy politics....

Stacking the Deck
Some consider the way the liberty-killing politician from Wisconsin legislates majestic. Others, notably those that read and understand the Constitution, tend to view him as something else.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is Real ID still considered a serious issue by State-to-Federal agencies?


IN OBSERVANCE OF A JANUARY 2013 DEADLINE, a House Judiciary Subcommittee reviewed REAL ID policies and benchmark compliance for States issuing drivers licenses and ID cards. DHS has "kicked the can" twice on deadlines to implement the national identity program. Many wonder if this is still an issue the federal government takes seriously. AAMVA, the NCSL, the NGA and others have released some updated opinions on how to proceed with continued compliance for State drivers license rules. Some believe some lobbys are overlooking a legal contest with State laws banning compliance to Real ID's federal requirements.

ACLU's privacy and technology counsel, Chris Calabrese, adds his insights on the relevance of todays hearing and how Real ID, national ID and other related database initiatives will impact the ability to vote and travel in the near future.

Today's Real ID Hearing & Committee Witness Statements

Hearing Information: The Secure Identification: The REAL ID Act's Minimum Standards for Driver's Licenses and Identification Cards

VIDEO OF HEARING [Starts at approx. 30:00]

Video streaming by Ustream

Highlights from Twitter

Heyman says "It's hard to move a national program when 1/4 of the States are not in compliance." - and no plan to extend deadline.

Rep Jackson [Lee] calls  a "stalled law ready for burial"

BeatTheChip ‏
25 States addressed by Reps. Judy Chu & Sheila Jaskson Lee

Interesting - not a single rank and file Republican in attendance hearing.  making them uncomfortable?

 supporter: it will fix ID theft. But putting all birth certs and other docs in big electronic databases is a honeypot for thieves

Monday, March 19, 2012

REDUX: International Edition Biometric Requirements & PATRIOT Act gets twisted

"Speak up & Call Congressman Eric Cantor & encourage him to neutralize mandatory E-verify 202-225-2815 PLS RT... "- @StopRealIDNow -

"URGENT: Time to Resist #REALID #downsizedc Pro REAL ID hearings this week. Let's refute the scaremongers."

Here is second life for news that matters: 

EU, UK and France

"A Time Bomb For Civil Liberties": France Adopts a New Biometric ID Card

UK: IT firm behind 'unworkable' NHS database keeps IT deal to retain ID information @NO2ID

The Proposed European Privacy Directive and What It Means for Internet Privacy: A Presentation From Fran├žoise Le Bail, Director General for Justice in the European Commission


Could The Use Of Flying Death Robots Be Hurting America's Reputation Worldwide?

Other fun facts about the export-import drone manufacturing industry.


How cybersecurity threat inflation can hurt policymaking

Using Apps To 'Soft Control' People's Movements

Senators Tell The Obama Administration To Reveal Its Secret Interpretation Of The Patriot Act

A Perimeter Approach to Security and the Transformation of the U.S.-Canada Border (*biometrics mandate)

Secure Communities boosts otherwise declining jail populations

New NSA Spy Center Will Target Every Email and Phone Call

Mexico Urged to Protect Human Rights Defenders and Journalists

Connecticut Advances RFID License Plate Legislation