Thursday, March 22, 2012

Florida's OpEd "Stacking the Deck"

Notes from the OTHER swamp

BTC --  I think it's always relevant to listen to the voices of organizations and citizens who are being impacted on a daily basis by bad law.  To be a completely cynical comic I would say Real ID would be a back door way to keep old ladies from driving in Florida (tah-dum-CHH), but it would be a bad joke any way you slice it.

Paul Henry has consistent past as a public interest advocate in Florida on a law which is making it an increasingly miserable place to live for its oppressive politics, the large assortment of bloodsucking swamp parasites, giant flying cockroaches (palmetto drones), the snakes, criminal human vermin, transient tourist vermin, the gators, the heat ... you get it.

His commentary comes from the base stifles of Florida's own local swampy politics....

Stacking the Deck
Some consider the way the liberty-killing politician from Wisconsin legislates majestic. Others, notably those that read and understand the Constitution, tend to view him as something else.

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