Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is Real ID still considered a serious issue by State-to-Federal agencies?


IN OBSERVANCE OF A JANUARY 2013 DEADLINE, a House Judiciary Subcommittee reviewed REAL ID policies and benchmark compliance for States issuing drivers licenses and ID cards. DHS has "kicked the can" twice on deadlines to implement the national identity program. Many wonder if this is still an issue the federal government takes seriously. AAMVA, the NCSL, the NGA and others have released some updated opinions on how to proceed with continued compliance for State drivers license rules. Some believe some lobbys are overlooking a legal contest with State laws banning compliance to Real ID's federal requirements.

ACLU's privacy and technology counsel, Chris Calabrese, adds his insights on the relevance of todays hearing and how Real ID, national ID and other related database initiatives will impact the ability to vote and travel in the near future.


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