Saturday, November 8, 2008

OBAMA, DHS Flight Lists, & Repeal of Real ID

Civil liberties groups like the ACLU & The Electronic Frontier Foundation are lining up to present their priorities for the incoming Obama administration.  

Among EFF's Declarations :
"Scale back the use of National Security Letters to gag and acquire data from online service providers. The REAL ID Act, with its requirement that Americans carry a national ID card, has been rejected by many U.S. states and should be federally repealed. Large-scale government data collection and data-mining projects like Automated Targeting System (ATS) should be reduced or eliminated. Invasive border-searches of electronic devices should be stopped."
President Bush, produced an environment so damaging to civil liberties, you would have to be comatose not to notice the before-&-after levels of public monitoring and movement infringements.  Although, we did achieve a victory in the restoration of habeas corpus.

The DHS are seeking additional staffing ramping up to a new deadline for Secure Flight in January.   {January?   Isn't that when our new hero is sworn in?}   The tax-cash for this moved forward without oversight from the GAO- Government Accountability Office.  

As part of my blogging editorial responsibilities here at BeatTheChip,  I bear the burden of truth.   Here is my interpretation of the US government implementing public surveillance. 

They are watching us. OK- so why are they REALLY watching us

Not necessarily because we are doing anything wrong, but due to their collective paranoia over blowback from those they have wronged- which now includes the American people.  After witnessing the RNC mass arrest of non-violent protestors, including 42 accredited journalists, they might be a lot edgy over their lack of popularity.  Vicious cycle - the more excessive force they use, they know there will be retaliation.  They are aware of how they would react if they were on the receiving end of their treatment.  So why drive the repression of rights for the common man with illegal, immoral and universally inhuman practices detrimental to peace and prosperity?   They are losing their grip on their own place in the human race.  

All soldiers develop a level of dehumanizing logic that makes absolutely no sense, so they can execute adroit orders to maim, kill, posion and do bad things to otherwise innocent people. That is how they make their living.

My thought here to rise above this, is recognition of American Heritage.  As a nation, we reap what we sow.  We have been blithely aware, so much more swept up in the toilet of distractions laid in front of us, to ignore our bad behavior in less fortunate nations we have victimized.  I think of Grenada - a nation who refused us bananas or sugar and paid with blood.  

How dumb are we if didn't think the persistent lack of conscience would eventually become a continental U.S. problem?  Since when are we too good to reign in our own government?  

The executive "dream team" who renamed  The Department of Domestic Security to Homeland Security, according to a Nazi playbook needs to know who opposes the excesses of spying, invasion of privacy and pilfering of boundaries.  They need to know who to shut up.   

One of these days we are going to interview an average telecomm investigator as an employee, just to find our where their head is at. They're still Americans - maybe just stuck for a paycheck, two kids and alimony,  a mortgage.  Who are these people?  America's gestapo reprobates or just suckered into a "secure" lifestyle where surveillance just a way to pay the bills.

A STORY FROM MY PERSONAL HISTORY: Your tax dollars at work

My father worked for a special warfare test division on a base in the Republic of Panama during the Noriega regime.  We lived in "the Green Zone".  A zone occupied by military personnell living and working peacibly in Panama.    What I now know about the CIA, Noriega, the Iran Contra scandal and Panama's role in the whole scenario has made me both sadder and wiser.

Nonetheless, as a dependent child I was in a good place to observe and learn what the day-to-day looks like when you are in an aggrivated state of police monitoring.    I rode a skateboard.  I was a kid and kids have to go outside and play - threat or no threat.

I walked outside of my home one day to find a fully munitioned humvee with a singular military policeman on-duty parked next to our driveway.  He was toting a rifle.  No big deal.  I had seen servicemen with guns frequently enough it really wasn't intimidating.   However, they never were camped outside of my house with no notice.  It seemed a little out of place.

I resumed  skateboard practice.  It was quiet, nothing going on, except  that were in an escalated Personnell Movement Limitation (PML)  Charlie - excessive rioting and unrest among Panamanians and where U.S. defense personnell were more active.   The trouble was, we had been in PML Charlie for 6 weeks and nothing was really going on in the streets.   We went to school with Panamanians and other kids whose parents were international diplomats. Honestly, everyone was a little weary of what we call today "fear mongering"- with nothing actually going on.  It was restrictive and excessive.  That tends to bug bored kids, whose job really is to find their way around overarching administrators.

As I started in skateboarding,  the  MP stationed outside of my house began to tell me not to skateboard in front of my house.   His reason?   I was crossing over the "green zone into the orange zone".   I looked at him and explained that nothing was going on.   I looked around me illustrating there were no cars on the street - literally, NOTHING was happening.    I kept skateboarding and he looked the other way, because it was as rediculous as I had indicated - and he knew it.   I persisted with this action for 10 -12 minutes then I got bored and went back in the house looking for something else to do.

We all have better things to do with our lifetime, but when you live on a base or in a military civilization you are swimming in an irrational amount of protocols, rules, and orders.  There's not a whole lot you can do "right", otherwise someone loses their usefulness. 

There is a limit to the useful purpose of military personnel.   To this day, I wonder how much taxpayer money was spent to have that humvee, armed to the teeth,  stationed outside our house complete with one MP staff seargant with not much to do.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

WIRED: ES&S Voting Machines Can Elect For You

ES&S Voting Machines Can Be Maliciously Calibrated to Favor Specific Candidates

"If one candidate has a check box in one place and a different candidate has it in a different place, you can set it up so that if you press on one candidate it gets recorded for another candidate," said Matt Blaze, a computer scientist at the University of Pennsylvania who led one of three teams that co-wrote the report (.pdf) last year. "But if you press on the other candidate, it gets recorded correctly for that candidate. You can make it work perfectly normally in most of the screen, but have it behave the way you want in small parts of it."

If you have any problems voting on any machines you can visit .

Monday, November 3, 2008

NAIS: NWO Guinea Pigs & Animal Chipping

Have you heard that they will try it in an animal before they try it on you? This is year 2008 and we now have the technology to free us or to enslave us.

This applies to mechanical snafus, hemmorrages, cancers, flesh infections, ruptures and digital test rigging, re-rigging, runs and re-runs on chip instillation and information readouts in ..animals. Namingly your pets. The closer "they" can get it to home, "they" will.

You wonder who sits around hatching this megalomaniacal deluded sci-fi garbage and the surreality of these situations - applied science to manage the human animal. It's the same generation after generation. It's a fistful of inbred white guys, their greed-drugged patsys and interlocuting sociopaths as constant company. Yes-Men with money. And now Yes-Women, like Nazi Pelosi, who has turned to routine thuggery instead of relying fairly on the people of San Francisco whom once trusted her.

Of course, I refer to the rash of violences sustained by vocal anti-war critic and campaign competitor Cindy Sheehan. Political competitors like Sheehan have been shut down, silenced and their speaking engagements cancelled for them by spine-free venue owners and promoters. One such festival was We The People Festival in which Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney, Jack Blood & a Los Angeles organic farmer were told that they were not to speak on City Grounds under threat of shutting down the entire event by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. GOOGLE: We The People Festival.

It's obvious that they are creating an enemy from their intemperances whom they justly fear. Which is why they have to re-route their ends-to-a means and abuse technologies to do it. Why? Because they can.

Here is what you need to know and remember: technology relies on use and personal adoption to work. If you don't adopt the technology then it's not going to be a "tool of the establishement". So "they" really only have 2 options with microchipping :

A) Get you to "volunteer" for the technology adoption program
B) The shove-it-down-your-throat adoption program

The onus is on you in rejecting both programs if you don't need to adopt their technologies. The tech engineers they employ will go do something else with their ingenuity and "they" can afford to take a hit, especially for trying to compromise the American public against themselves.'s a great example from yet another-freaked-out-mother who discovers the evil future planned for who she cares for. You see the "voluntary" vs. "mandatory" elements of technology adoption here.

From Women-Not-Dabbling-In Normal - Read whole exerpt for Rep. Karen Johnson's Letter

[The]USDA has failed to follow any of the administrative procedures required to create enforceable regulations when it issued this new step in NAIS. So whether USDA can actually enforce it.

USDA has failed to follow any of the administrative procedures required to create enforceable regulations when it issued this new step in NAIS. So whether USDA can actually enforce it isn’t clear. On the other hand, USDA has created the entire NAIS program without regard to following the rules administrative agencies must follow, soit’s likely that the state agencies will automatically follow the USDA’s memo. Here are some excerpts from

USDA has failed to follow any of the administrative procedures
required to create enforceable regulations when it issued this new
step in NAIS. So whether USDA can actually enforce it isn’t clear.
On the other hand, USDA has created the entire NAIS program without
regard to following the rules administrative agencies must follow, so
it’s likely that the state agencies will automatically follow the
USDA’s memo. Here are some excerpts from the memo:

- USDA is requiring NAIS premises registration “as the sole and
standard location identifier” for activities relating to any disease
regulated through the Code of Federal Regulations, for emerging or
re-emerging disease, and for foreign animal diseases (page 1, Section
II & III.A.1)

- People who refuse to voluntarily register their properties in
NAIS will be registered against their will: “If the person responsible
for the premises chooses not to complete the form to register his/her
premises, either the animal health official or an accredited
veterinarian will collect the defined data fields.” (page 2, Section

- The memo applies to federal animal health authorities, state
animal health authorities, and private veterinarians who are
accredited for federally regulated diseases (page 1, Section I)

- Any veterinarian who is accredited for a federally regulated
disease is subject to the USDA’s edict to involuntarily register his
or her clients:
“A PIN is required for activities performed at a
premises by a State or Federal animal health authority or an
accredited veterinarian for any disease that is regulated through
Title 9 of the Code of Federal Regulations.” (page 4)

- The listed disease programs for which a PIN will be required

  • Tuberculosis

  • Brucellosis

  • Johne’s disease

  • Pseudorabies

  • Scrapie

  • Chronic Wasting Disease

  • Low pathogenic Avian Influenza of the H5/H7 strains

  • Communicable diseases in horses, asses, ponies, mules, and
zebras, which would include equine Infectious Anemia

  • Texas (splenetic) fever in cattle

  • Scabies in cattle

  • Exotic Newcastle disease and chlamydiosis

  • Poultry health as addressed in the National Poultry
Improvement Plan

  • Swine Health
- The activities that will result in being registered in NAIS include:
o Vaccinations
o Diagnostic tests
o Certifications (other than certificates of veterinary
o Application of official eartags or backtags (page 5)

-USDA states that PIN’s are not required for “participation in
voluntary programs,” but does not explain which those would be (p.6)

The full memo is posted at:

The People Speak to CNN about Real ID

Obama may be the the next president, but I seriously doubt he's the answer to the backsliding trend on an institutional assault on civil liberties.

CNN's blog Answer to Filtered news, I-Report featured some echoed outrage:
"And finally you ask, how in the world can they enforce such bills on the people as a whole? The answer is the REAL I.D. Act. Your old license will no longer work. You must have the new I.D. and EVERYTHING you do- buy food , gas, even enter your workplace will eventually require a swiping of your I.D. and guess what?; if you're not clear with the "government", your ability to dictate the destiny of yourself and your family is taken from you. Our every move will be tracked and documented."

You've heard the term bantered about by "W" early on in his first stanza; I'm stunned at how many people I encounter that have no idea we have an "Axis of Evil" on the horizon right here in our own country. Perhaps the greatest threat to our freedoms and liberties that this nation has seen, The Fairness Doctrine, The Hate Crimes Bill & The REAL I.D. Act ,is poised in the silo and ready to be rained down on ALL of us.

You can do your own individual homework on all three bills and what the embodiment and entailment's are for each instrument. My goal is to evoke thought on how they will be used in concert to bring about their desired result; to enslave and silence the masses.

To the average American, it's virtually unfathomable to comprehend that our great nation could actually become a communist, police-controlled state much like those that have existed and fallen throughout history. The truth is, we're closer than we might think.

How can these three things be used to oppress a nation you ask? Well, there are many scenarios, but here's one to chew on:

1/. Can you imagine a government that has the power to force media outlets with a fixed-format of say conservative or Christian or independent or even an anti-government agenda to give equal time to an opposing view or lose their license to broadcast? Well that's exactly what the Fairness Doctrine will be evoked to do. Even though it's been around and was in place for years, it's potential use as a tool to quell opposition in today's unstable political climate has become ever more popular. What will ultimately happen is that voices and view points will be silenced and stations will drop those programs in question or cease to exist all together. The bill is also called the "Hush Rush(Limbaugh)" doctrine coined by those that despise Republican/Conservative/Christian and/or opposing voices in the media. I don't care for Rush myself, but I clearly understand the ramifications of giving this type of power to ANY entity to silence speech in this country PERIOD! Before any of us endorses a doctrine that gives the power for a few to dictate what's "fair" for the masses- keep this in mind: it will eventually be YOUR voice that's silenced as well. In time, THEY WILL TURN ON YOU TOO.

2/. So how will the governing body decide which content is deemed acceptable and what's subject to "scrutiny" and "review?" In comes the Hate Crimes Bill. The bill gives local law entities wide ranging powers that, in essence, allows the government to tell YOU, your organization, council, media outlet, church, and anything with a voice what they will tolerate and what they will not. For example, you will notice that your church, etc. no longer tackles any subjects that perhaps involve criticism of the government or political issues, lifestyles, moral situations, etc. The heavy hand of the "law" will pay a visit to your pastor, priest, etc., with a list of "acceptable" topics and any violation will result in their loss of 501c tax-exempt status. This will, in-time, lead to the pressuring of ALL religious denominations to preach ONE doctrine acceptable to our "governing leaders." Or, say you vote the Dems in here in 08 and by 2010 you realize this is a disaster and ask yourself, "what have we done.?" You may find out your blogs have been censored and you have no outlet to challenge your "leaders" any longer. Suddenly, it's not just hush Rush any more but everybody hush- PERIOD! Last month in Missouri , the largest prosecutors in the state and many local law officials joined forces in what was called a "truth squad" and threatened to prosecute anyone THEY deemed was speaking "untruths" about Obama and his campaign. Talk about a peek into our future!

3/. And finally you ask, how in the world can they enforce such bills on the people as a whole? The answer is the REAL I.D. Act. Your old license will no longer work. You must have the new I.D. and EVERYTHING you do- buy food , gas, even enter your workplace will eventually require a swiping of your I.D. and guess what?; if you're not clear with the "government", your ability to dictate the destiny of yourself and your family is taken from you. Our every move will be tracked and documented. Think that's ridiculous? Just last week a bill to allow the IRS to track ALL credit and debit card purchases RIGHT NOW slid right under the radar. Both McCain and Obama support the REAL I.D., but it's the far-left that's salivating over all three issues together. Unless circumstances change, it will begin to be implemented in early 2010. Imagine you go to the store or to work and swipe your I.D. and are told it was denied and are prompted to call an "agency." Upon calling, they tell you they've been tracking your expenditures and have determined that you've been buying materials and/or visiting establishments that are not "cleared" by government guidelines or your taxes are not paid and you cannot return to work. Who knows what means they may use at this point after the passing of these bills. No country ever thinks this can happen to them but history proves it absolutely can and does. America is no longer immune to this evil.

I say the following on the premise that Obama will ultimately prevail in next week's election: You may think because you are a liberal and you support the Democrats and "change" that somehow this scenario doesn't or will not effect you; think again. Just ask those that live in or have survived communist and/or socialist regimes. They voted with fervor and the next thing they knew they were enslaved. That's what evil strives to do; CONSUME EVERYONE starting with those in power over many.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Ever heard that before? The body is like a coat on a rack; it's useless without a life-force inside it. No matter how well a person speaks or appears to be on the outside, it's what's inside that controls the human vehicle that our spirit lives in. People can appear to be good, but in truth, be very dark and sinister in nature. Jesus said, "Nothing outside a man can make him 'unclean' by going into him. Rather, it is what comes out of a man that makes him 'unclean.' "

The truth is both candidates and both parties that are again asking us to give them control of our country and future have demonstrated that they are willing to lie, steal, and by any means necessary, achieve power for their political agenda. The thought of Obama, Pelosi and Reid having control should make ALL Americans shudder. They will relentlessly enforce the 3 bills and doctrines and anything short of civil war will be futile in reversing it. In the not too distant future, you and I could go to jail for making statements like these. They already tried to sneak the Hate Crimes bill on the tail end of the failed immigration amnesty bill last year and Hillary Clinton was heard saying," We HAVE to do something about these talk radio people" after guys like Limbaugh, Hannity, and Savage shut down the Pentagon phone lines after finding out about the attempt to pass this bill and prompted their callers to protest. Reid has promised that these bills are alive and well and will eventually become law.

Think about how they treated this recent bailout as well. They slithered in the grass in the dark of night when people were sleeping and we woke up to find we were being fleeced out of nearly a trillion $$$ Then after 85% of American citizens stated they were opposed to the bailout, they passed it again anyway. Folks, 2008 can be remembered as the year our government and the media turned on the American people.

The bottom line: Say this scenario did come to pass and ALL of us were subject to this evil; what would you do? The answer is NOTHING. Who could you call? You would be jailed for speaking out and you wouldn't be able to challenge a thing the government forces on you. How bad can it get here? Nobody really knows. However, we have models to gauge what's possible like Stalin: 20 million dead-10 million deported. Scary isn't it?

God will allow you to have the king you want America, but remember, you've been warned! Socialism and Communism is knocking on the door. Will you answer???