Thursday, August 16, 2012

Trapwire illustrated

BTC -  NextGenID is on schedule.  TrapWire has been collating your life into the centralized database and suppressing dissent in foreign estates, like Bhopal vs. Dow.  Everything we have resisted for over 4 years is coming to light.  We need the 4th Estate to continue to come forward with the news.

Great big thanks to ProPublica for tweeting this adaptation of Thomas Drake's whistleblowing effort in HBO's The NewsRoom and to Wikileaks for continued bravery in the face of political persecutions over the Stratfor releases.


You may file a compliant with the Inspector General's office for the National Director of Intelligence for routinely, if not daily, 4th Amendment constitutional violations:

If you believe it's "the corporation's fault"- i.e. the 30 contracting companies at large with your data employed by our illegal government expenditures - lodge your complaint with Privacy Rights Clearinghouse here.

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