Monday, March 31, 2008


Get your lawyers.

I dare you to inspect or challenge this idea and post comments on this blog:

"No publicly-disclosed USA Federal law or regulation currently requires domestic USA airline passengers to present any sort of evidence of their identity. If you have a valid ticket and comply with their general rules, airlines are required by Federal law to transport you, regardless of whether you have any identification papers (government-issued, "Real-ID" compliant, or otherwise). The Real-ID Act and its rules will not change any of this. You will still have a right to fly without ID, even under the Real-ID rules newly announced by the USA Department of Homeland Security (DHS)." - The Practical Nomad

I double dare you to disprove there is a single state in the US that is currently compliant with Real ID implementation standards. As of March 31, 2008, per the extension deadline, not one state in the US is compliant with Real ID. Or am I just "throwing spaghetti"?

As far the US is concerned, it can just stay that way.

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