Tuesday, April 1, 2008

DHS Jedi Mind Tricks


To celebrate April Fools Day, I decided to write a blog dedicated to DHS's attempted Jedi mind tricks (TM) regarding DHS rulings and state correspondences over Real ID.

Sources too numerous to cite at once and even someone with 8th grade reading skills could discern Real ID was not a "move of the people". All states are playing ball with DHS. Additionally, if you have questions about Real ID compliance you can call Darrell Williams @ (202) 447-3836.

Even so, I bring you a few of the most recent gems:

Mike"You-Know-You-Want-It" Chertoff to South Carolina was reported as such:

"Chertoff responded by saying it is clear South Carolina is on its way to complying so the state would get an extension. Gov. Sanford says he's not opting for an extension, because South Carolina laws passed last year prohibit it. "

Stewart Baker, DHS henchman and member of Officials Against Flying Spaghetti Monsters, sent an extension status letter saying thus:

"..New Hampshire recently awarded a vendor contract starting May 2008 to add security features to it's driver's licenses and identification cards." and "implementing {principal security meansures} by the end of 2009 will position New Hampshire to be materially compliant with the first phase of Real ID implementation. For these reasons, I agree that, under the statute, the State of New Hampshire has met the requirements for an extension. "

In a similar letter to Montana- who initated this letter gauntlet trend on behalf of their citizens -by saying to the Governor, "..I can only provide the relief you are seeking by treating your letter as a request for an extension."

This morning the Maine Governors office had not yielded any additional letters to DHS and DHS has not granted extenstion status yet. Maine is the last state in the throes of this type of State vs. DHS feds standoff.

I have seen various news reports of the DHS getting a terrible reputation for being the US equivalent potentate of Germany's Nazi Gestapo. That may be because bored airport security goons in Lubbock, TX, have nothing better to do than break their own code of process when it comes to a woman with a tricky nipple ring by offering her pliers so she can board her flight. It leads to pointed questions about ID's at airports.

Chertoff has been quoted before as saying of Real ID, " I am convinced that State governments want this very much." Even more carefully Chertoff has been quoted saying that the Real ID Act of 2005, "is a Congressional Mandate." In these terms he deflects citizen distaste back to the Congressional leaders, who ARE truly responsible for voting in this act.

The U.S. has a long contemporary history of slick marketing when it comes to anything passable to a consumer. We have proven time and time again that we will buy ANYTHING, if marketed properly.

Real ID was possibly the overlooked "free" extra bundled with HR 1268 which was passed in majority to provide emergency relief to Tsunami victims and two other benevolent imperialists/dictatorial edicts from the US: the 2005 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense and The Global War on Terror. ONE STOP SHOPPING - we can stop global terrorists while providing Tsunami relief to imperiled victims AND get universal compliance for those wacky US individuals.

Yes we have choices: blue or red and the most popular choice from our government presented is some rendition of : shut up, obey and go back to work, taxpayers!

According to Stew Baker, nobody is holding a gun to your head to go get a Real ID. Let's hope it stays that way.

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