Saturday, June 21, 2008

New and IMPROVED!! DHS throws $$ at Real ID Mandate

Real ID - REAL UNPOPULAR : DHS Digs Deep to Make it Happen

Unfunded mandate.  Two words ringing in the ears of DHS, who sincerely believe that funding is the only problem with moving Real ID forward.  The grain of truth to this is that only 5-7 US states have not filed any legislative resolution to block Real ID's passage, primarily due to lack of state funding.  The moment of truth has arrived in the fight for US privacy;  the DHS is now making a way to feed the greedy bellies of government contractors, Viisage/L1 Technologies and the other Big Brother, Digimarc with the 2008 Real ID Demonstration Grant Program. Even with the grant program - which isn't all that much-  I think states are onto something in the ambition of keeping the money away from DHS on this one.

Put Up or Shut up: Life in post Iraq-recession

Escalating gas and food prices, costs of living and the declines of the housing market have left American's and their states sadly hurting financially.  DHS has run afoul of growling state taxpayers unwilling to fork over the network start-up costs of hundred's of millions of dollars to finance the new world order- uh, I mean new WORLD CLASS - IDs.   More calculating state governments made "license revision" budget requests in previous legislative sessions.  When federal regulations were released for Real IDs in January 2008, the wheels were oiled to move forward with implementations for your new 3D face prints and radio frequency ID chipped licenses. If you live in one of these states, more fighting is ahead against implementation.

If you have a problem with this, go press these people and tell them to STOP IT.  They are the ones pandering to the DHS so identity thieves can just feast on all the means you have to be who you are with the great new insecure technologies YOU are paying for.

The problem?  Broadcasters don't get to discriminate on who gets their message.  Radio Frequency ID chips to be found in some Real IDs can be picked up by anyone with a UPC gun -a fact frequently posted on this blog.  Joe-Identity-Thief doesn't have to do much to get your information out of the DMV databases either. The ACLU has been fighting hard to stop the finance of any feature that leaves American IDs open for the unique exposures we are staring down right now with current DHS regulations.

It also appears that our government is currently obsessed with getting your picture in 3d. That's also a little unnerving.  They need to relax.   The contensions with the FISA wiretapping nonsense and the FEMA-Halliburtons secret prisons may cause you to think maybe our government doesn't really think we can run our own show without them.    What has the average American done, except pay taxes, that requires THIS MUCH surveillance? Most Americans are waking up to the new McCarthyism.  Today, when I hear the word "terrorism" from a public official all I hear is :"You are now losing more of your American born freedoms- now pay up!" I digress..

Real ID's mean more controls at airports and at federal facilities.  If TSA gives you the heebie jeebies, you can fly general aviation.  However, this is a symptom of the problem: the DHS making irrational demands on your American identity;  not because they really need to know about you flying out for your heart surgery in Des Moines.  It's about having to answer to them about that.  You didn't do anything wrong.  

Hey US government - this goes both ways - you question us : we question you.  We are all American's here, but there is a line. Real IDs cross that line.  The 5-11 Campaign exists because an overindulged corporate oligarchy stepped in and made a decision for us and was passed without public input or states vote in HR 1268 - brought to you by G.W. Bush Inc.  Now we have a duty to ourselves to stop you from moving this forward.

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