Monday, June 2, 2008

Progressives Latest to Join Real ID Fights

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Progressives may be giving the new rallying cry against the perils posed by Real ID's.  This may bridge partisam divides, which in the past, pitched Real ID reforms squarely in the championship range of Ron Paul Republicans and the Libertarian party. Remember, it took both the House and the Senate to pass the Real ID Act of 2005.

Chief critics of the Real ID Act have marshalled their attacks on the new ID's based on privacy, identity security and vulnerable state budgets in a time of precarious economics in American history.   As States' collective opposition to Real ID's mount, evidence reveals that privacy, identity security and state fiscal affairs have activated many sleepy citizens to move against an orwellian reality, contrary to DHS's rhetoric that "the people have spoken loudly that they want [Real IDs]". This exposes party divides into a different polarization.  This would be those who want a globalized American modern politic to include personal attributions of your 3D biometric facial profile in an international database and those who feel that we should be going a different direction with US foreign policy - which includes a strong focus on domestic restoration of Constitutional protections.  This would also mean reeling back in the mile of trust from the inches given to FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security over the devastations and neglect of Post-Katrina New Orleans, the anullment of Habeas Corpus, and warrantless wiretapping due to the Patriot Act to name a few of the depraved indifferences endured by dutiful American taxpayers.

The former feel a need to shame Americans for being so backward in not performing at a world class level of citizen accountability.  The latter feel the need to extricate themselves from globalized politics used to suffocate the US taxpaying constituency and overextend themselves in foreign affairs where we know our presence is a detriment.   Whatever political philosophies abound regarding Real ID's - the breakdown is the same, state governments will have to come up with a painful amount of money to implement a grossly intrusive, compromised and fundamentally unpatriotic national ID card likened to those used in the European Union.  The Electronic Privacy  Information Center release a report last month on the debilitating and far-reaching losses the average American will endure due to Real ID's. The report contains comprehensive information on what lies ahead for America if we continue in this path.

Progressives have had to ride nuanced lines to support humanizing social values in liberal political culture.  Often they have reason and merit.  Conversely, for the same reasons they are as equally overlooked and marginalized as their right-winged counterparts.   If Real ID is any type of worthy fight it will require every American voting constituency to be represented with a voice to repeal The Real ID Act of 2005.  

After January 2010- everyone, party affiliation or no, will get a 

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