Friday, June 6, 2008

Virtual Committee Meeting Under 8lbs of Dreads

One of the 5-11 committee members on our broadcast and public affairs team is the one and only, Guymon Adams, who does a show called Liberty After Dark on Revere Radio Network.  Take for granted that his audience is attuned for news of a Constitutional nature and keeping tabs New World Order agendas. While partisan policy makers all have public documents and PAC's developing the North American Union -the Amero is at the US mint  - there are a few people in the Global Elite camp who really don't want you to dwell on those facts. Unlike Jamison Foser at Media Matters, Guymon won't tell you that the NAU is a myth.   It would really help us all if it didn't exist, but there's a budget for it in the taxpayer reports. They really aren't doing a great job of hiding it. NONETHELESS , our public affairs hero has finally posted an archived account of yet another virtual 5-11 Campaign Committee Meeting.

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