Friday, July 25, 2008

Louisiana Beats the Chip; New Mexico's New Secure ID

New Mexico's Governor Against Real ID While  
Playing Biometrics Game
Embedded Zia and Ghost Portraits Part of New Licenses

New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Secretary Rick Homans, during a visit to Carlsbad this week, stressed that the new high-tech driver's license is not a Real ID card as proposed by the federal government.

"The governor remains opposed to the Real ID.  In it's current form, it is an unfunded mandate.  There are also numerous privacy and constitutional issues that have to be addressed with the Real ID card, " Homans said.

Displaying his new driver's license, Homans said the MVD--which falls under his jurisdiction -- has designed the new license to protect against identity theft and forgery.

"We have begun using facial recognition technology that allows us to compare the person's  new photo with his or her most recent photo and every other photo in the MVD database," said Ken Ortiz, MVD director, who accompanied Homans on his visit to Carlsbad.

Ortiz said that by comparing the driver's photo with every other photo with his or her most recent photo in the MVD's database of some 35 million, his agency will be able to determine if more than one person is using the same identification information, such as several photos associated with one record, or if one person has more than one identity that might include one photo associated with several records.

HB 715 Unites Senate and House Majority to say "Yeay-Yeay!!"

Legislation that would direct a state department to ignore a federal mandate requiring a special identification card could end up restricting where Louisiana residents can go.
The Senate Committee of Judiciary A approved the legislation without objection Tuesday{6/11} despite concerns that residents may have to buy passports to travel inside the states and enter federal buildings.

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