Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun with The Stasi

Ever since I discovered we had Stasi communication's pro's on the U.S. payroll, I needed a good laugh.

BOING, BOING has done some great recent coverage of the days of yore, glistening nostalgia for the days of oppressive East German Spying over a beer.

"Marilyn sez, "Relive the good old days of East German secret police at Zur Firma, a new bar in Berlin equipped with an interrogation table, fake security cameras, and prison cells. You can buy a beer and apply for an ID card at the theme bar."

I guess the idea here is you go in the bar- have a good laugh, leave and then go, "WHEW! I'm really glad that is not my real life!!" Here's to you NSA, I am pouring one for all my misguided U.S. homies watching the news and buying the fecundation that the best jobs in Amerikka are SECURITY jobs.

C'mon America, I know you can do better than this. This is not the way we do things. If it is, it's time to let your light shine. Internal passports, thought-crime legislation and wiretapping 7 year olds is not the American way.

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