Thursday, August 28, 2008


BTC- Media Review

Filmmaker, Tony Valenzuela, creator of, has combined some of the most aggravating constructs in segmented television to patch together a series about a 2009 military coup in America. He drives viewers nuts with the use of “TO BE CONTINUED” episodes, incomplete alternating sequences of imperiled circumstance, and elusive camera trickery, illustrated in films like Blair Witch Project. But they will keep clicking for more.

What is most remarkable is that it has no contemporary comparison. For some, the interests lies in how such a big government will manage to land on them.

The new viral video series based on the now, seriously plausible, worst-case scenario of martial law enactments in a 2009 post-election setting is drawing more interest for those can’t ignore what’s happening with the irrational expansions of U.S. Executive powers. Let’s not forget the public has watched the repeated exemption of the Bush Administration from prosecution at the behest of voters, activists and it’s own leaders. The series, crafted for the advent of YouTube, will sit better with those who can’t tolerate sitting through hundreds of 90 minute documentaries. However, after watching it, they may look into it further.

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