Sunday, September 21, 2008

TWIC'ked OFF: Credential Offices Opening

The Transportation Worker Identification Credential  or TWIC Centers will be opening.

Without a TWIC, your license is invalid. Don't think you can wait. This whole program has been plagued by confusion, delays, and poor communications, especially on the part of the USCG, who at the local level are barely up to speed on this issue. I still see Internet forums with captains quoting local CG personel that they won't need a TWIC. Do not make the mistake of going to the USCG for advice about the TWIC. The USCG has made their official position very clear with the NVIC quoted above.
Friends don't let friends get TWIC'ked off and drive, fly or maneuver dangerous machinery. 

Call your local AFL-CIO or transport union today and demand justice.  This is your identity *$@damm%!!  YOU ONLY GET ONE!!   SAY NO TO TWIC WHILE YOU CAN!!

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Anonymous said...

I hate twic with a really. Try being on the receiving end with hardly any training on why people need the card...and then hearing that the compliance date is here and workers are unable to work and provide for their families..all the while being told to say..give us a few more weeks to research the problems regarding your twic..its horrible!