Monday, December 22, 2008

BTC DIGEST: EL Paso Heroine & Real ID, Christmas Travel

"Judy Ackerman trespassed, disrupted border wall construction, and stood her ground. For this she was duly arrested and charged with a crime. But on the same ground where Ackerman made her stand, the Department of Homeland Security is willfully and destructively ignoring the law." -  THE NEWSPAPER TREE

After successfully blocking construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall for seven hours on Wednesday (Dec. 17, 2008), El Paso environmentalist Judy Ackerman was handcuffed and led away from the construction site. 

by Becky Ayers

You might think that with its upcoming TV show, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) would retire satisfied from the indoctrination wars. Alas, too much is never enough for tyrants. So signal a victory has not kept one of the DHS’s sub-agencies, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), from releasing the propaganda it traditionally does at Christmas. And as usual, its lackeys in the press leaped to publish the drivel under such headlines as "Flying tips for the holidays" (Hmmm. Tips of what?), "Airport Traveling Tips" ("Tip #1: The prudent airport never packs a copy of the Constitution. True, this mere piece of paper doesn’t take up much space, but what good is it?"), and "Help Keep Holiday Travel Hassle Free" (yeah, right).

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