Saturday, January 3, 2009

FIGHT! FIGHT! - Virginia on Real-ID

As reported on AFTERMATH/AP/WashingtonPost:

Real ID mandate resisted in Virginia
January 3, 2009 

Bills introduced declaring intention to oppose enforcement


By Dena Potter

RICHMOND | Some legislators want Virginia to join the growing chorus of states that have defied the federal government by refusing to participate in a national identification program billed as a way to fight terrorism and identity theft. [MORE]

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Anonymous said...

The comment at the end of the article that states would not have access to other states data is not only not true…..but would make the whole idea behind the national ID a moot point. I notice this woman did not say that there would not be a federal database……..which of course would be shared with CODEX< Interpol, and be combined with the federal DNA database being used to tag all newborns among other things. I am always aware of what is not said…..that usually is far more important than what is.

Marti/PPJ Gazette