Friday, February 13, 2009

Biometrics Pop Quiz: Digimarc or L-1

BTC Exclusive

Digimarc technically has the contract with Texas for driver's licenses, through a sub contract for  biometrics. Last year L-1 Identity Solutions purchased Digimarc's licensing division. What this means is now L-1 controls 95% of the U.S. state driver's license [biometrics] market. L-1 will switch to using their own biometrics when Digimarc's current contract with Texas expires.

L-1 produces [biometrics for] enhanced driver's licenses and passport cards. They also are involved in the production of  [biometrics in]US passports. - Mark Lerner
It's True. L-1 one bought Digimarc's license division in March of 2008.
"L-1 has state-of-the-art biometric recognition and authentication capabilities that are integral to making our credential production process for national and international customers more secure and complete," said Bruce Davis, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Digimarc. "Furthermore, our combined knowledge in international markets will enable us to reach more potential customers with an expanded portfolio of innovative credentialing solutions, including national ID cards. The combination of the two will also help speed adoption globally by introducing a more streamlined and cost effective process into the international marketplace." -  L-1 Identity Solutions
Who is Mark Lerner?  This guy.  Yeah.. the Stop Real ID Coalition biometrics whistleblower guy.  

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