Monday, March 2, 2009

Napolitano on "Immigration" & Border Wall Fence

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Before I get too far in, I like Janet Napolitano better than Michael Chertoff. As odious and fascist as DHS can get, the lack of cash in our States is humanizing this agency. I appreciate that Napolitano is capitalizing on the pragmatics of managing the DHS budget. Especially when she says things like this:

"Look, you cannot build a fence from San Diego to Brownsville, Texas, and call that an immigration policy." - Janet Napolitano on NPR.

We are so "haters" on any part of the Real ID Act, including the ineptitude of a border wall fence. To the admission of Minutemen border watchers, the fence only keeps out 11% of those who intend to cross. Our translation: the border wall fence keeps out the handicapped. Thus, pounds nails into the coffin of the very dead argument that Duncan Hunter's border fence WORKS.

You cannot argue with Janet on this. She governed in a state where people die every year in extreme desert conditions to enter this country. She knows a simpleminded fence vs. desperate people will lose the battle. We don't need the Real ID Act to enforce immigration in Texas or anywhere else in the U.S.

It's time to face the Elephant in the living room. Ask yourselves why the U.S. has maintained policy of NOT enforcing it's immigration and then overlegislating around the issue and co-opting the immigration debacle as argument to muddy the political waters. One such case would be the case with getting too attached to the Real ID Act's rubber crutch immigration policy.

They can build the fence and then NOT enforce the Amnesty clause just like they maintain policy of NOT enforcing current immigration laws. Looks like we are left holding Le Bag with a new handy dandy big brother license as a reward. How does that make you feel?

If you can let go of the LEAST effective plan for immigration policy you can start dealing with the beefier issues: employment, labor and what real enforcement of immigration law will look like. However, that is not our chief concern. Our concern is our American Identity.

Don't make immigration the licenseholders problem. Napolitano is not out of the woods with us by any stretch. Her cattle call to the tech trough for RFID Enhanced Drivers licenses seeks to kick us back to square one.

Our biggest hurdle yet, past Napolitano & DHS, are people who believe that Real ID's immigration policy is needed. We have all the law and immigration policy we need- we just don't enforce it.

Again - don't make it the licenseholder's problem. We do not need biometrified licenses with Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative gridding so the tech contractors can sleep in comfort at night while our physical attributes are sifted by narcissists like it's their Intellectual Property. That is not what America is about.

We draw the line. We don't run our country like the Eastern block of Europe circa 1940. It's time to remind our leaders of America's real identity. The plan to catalogue you, sift and create a product identity for you is not your idea. It's not an American idea. It's a globalist idea.

Please don't concede to a place in your conciousness where you believe the policy generators who put Real ID in place aren't looking for a way to save it. Napolitano's re-branding of Real ID as Enhanced Drivers Licenses is an attempt to save it. You must resolve that this is not your life BEFORE there is an RFID reader on every shopping center corner in your neighborhood.

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