Wednesday, March 4, 2009

San Marcos Beats The Chip

San Marcos, TX - Last night Mayor Susan Nervais made good on a promise to overturn the mandatory pet chipping city ordinance in San Marcos. After several meetings with CETI, an anti-animal chipping group based in Central Texas, Nervais was joined in support of her decision to overturn by two other councilmembers during last nights City Council meeting.

Lisa Cappoletta of CETI, after organizing a potent coalition of anti-RFID groups in the area, turned up at the meeting to Collect on Delivery of Mayor Nervais' promise. Approximately 100 protestors equipped with colorful signs, sang songs, chanted and cheered in favor of the decision. San Marcos struggle with the chipping mandate recruited efforts of National consumer privacy expert, Katherine Albrecht from Boston, MA.

"All we are sayyying, are give [pet] tags a chaaance..." - Daniel Cioper, protest minstrel of Castro's Beard, Austin
To Lisa Cappoletta, Judith McGeary, Ms. Albrecht and the workers against the animal RFID experiments on the taxpayer's dime, we here at BeatTheChip solute you.


Alyce said...

It was wonderful to see so many people (literally) standing up for what they believe in last night. The battle isn't over yet, but to have one this small victory is encouraging and motivating! said...

The final tally of protestors @ San Marcos City Hall was 323!