Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is Real ID Done?

All day I have had this ugly feeling like someone is trying to save something by appearing to kill it.  But maybe that is just it.  Maybe it's over.  I certainly would like for Real ID to be done...over...toast...legislation headed for the compost or the recycler. 

I think 25 states telling the feds to "go to hell" on the federal ID mandate, choking sticker shock included, has forced them to reconsider.  However, I'm no more comfortable than I was two days ago when I was down at the Texas captiol getting nationalized language amended from bills in a somewhat humiliating immigration hearing.  All the while passing notes to ACLU's folks to try to get them to check out the new Anti-Real ID legislation, HCR 180.

The State of Texas, where I live has been trying to tip-toe around this issue as long as they could and not look like a cretin, politically.  However, even the people who THOUGHT they needed it, know it is pretty much a dying horse now.  Texas, a state that made news recently due to our Governor's constituent-based gaffe over cessession, is now beginning to recognize the limp wristed decline of Real ID's over it's ill gotten position with identity in the U.S.  It also might help that Congressman Ron Paul is a native. He clearly does not stand for this kind of garbage.  He does in fact speak for me, even if my Representative doesn't.

Do I trust DHS now that the white flag with moves to repeal is waving?  Not so much, as I am happy that the people prevailed.   My compatriots, completely engulfed in torture memo rage, know where the origins from whence all this came.   I hope Americans will continue to beat back the political callousness until we are the healthy, liberated, prosperous, morally sane nation the international community has recognized in the past.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTARY:  JP of NCard, fighting Real ID in North Carolina 


April 23, 2009
North Carolinains Agianst Real ID

I know many of you have heard the big news today regarding the Real ID. "Obama, Congress to revisit Real ID" or even better "Napolitano working to repeal Real ID Act."

Now we can all celebrate, victory is ours! Not quite. You see, you have to read beyond headlines and read the entire story. The Real ID is not going to be repealed, if it is it will be in name only and called something else, perhaps Enhanced Drivers License.

Just read one paragraph from the first article mentioned and you will see it plain and clear.

"We've been, over the last weeks, meeting with governors of both parties to look at a way to repeal Real ID and substitute something else that…accomplishes some of the same goals. And we hope to announce something on that soon," Napolitano said. As governor of Arizona, Napolitano signed a bill prohibiting the state from complying with Real ID; she now oversees the program.

They want to substitute it with something else that meets the same goals. It is still going to be just as invasive and most likely just as costly as the Real ID Act in terms of price, privacy, security and in violation of the first, fourth and tenth amendments of the US constitution.

Nearly 30 states have passed resolutions or legislation to not comply with the Real ID while some like New York and Michigan have gone to enhanced drivers Licenses using a Real ID system similar to what the state department uses to create passports. Never mind that on March 13, 2009 it was reported Post-9/11 reforms don't stop passport fakery. I should also add the as Arizona Governor, Napolitano made certain her state rejected the Real ID while being one of the first to accept the Enhanced Drivers License that is Real ID compliant. Fortunately, we have had states like Missouri and Oregon recently pass legislation to prevent c ompliance with the Real ID as well. Missouri's bill introduced by Representative Jim Guest still needs to pass in the Seante but will be one of the strongest anti Real ID bill's introduced to date.

A national id is a national id, no matter what kind of name you give it. When your information flows though data hubs controlled by the Federal Government, it is a national id. If you are unable to enter a federal building or fly on a plane without one, it is a national id.

Please stay focused and know that the fight has just begun.

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