Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sensenbrenner is Still an Idiot

Let's see: DHS says no more Real ID; and then Rep. Sensenbrenner calls for Napolitano's resignation.

For plausible reason close to mental duress or estrangement from his false achievement in Real ID, Wisconsin cheeseball, Congressman James Sensenbrenner has demanded Janet Napolitano's resignation.

He's just an idiot.

It's not Napolitano that Sensenbrenner wants to fire. It's me. It's Katherine Albrecht. It's Mark Lerner. It's Donna Holt, Aaron Bollenger and JP of ALIPAC. It's the BORDC, the CCR, the ACLU and the AFL-CIO!! It's a ton of citizen bloggers and every person who wrote their congressional leaders in their legislature and begged not to be chipped and ripped off by biometrics manufacturers, only to have their identity scalped later. We are the people responsible for killing his evil plan.

Look, DHS is not a popular agency. Never has been. Chertoff was a tool. Napolitano can also be a tool, especially to those in the gun registry. DHS sucks. However, we don't have the authority to fire this agency when it's not going our way. Unless the US government decides to dismantle the agency and all the fascist agendas it stands for; it will be in Maryland being eschewed by the American people. The decison to rid our lives of DHS is above our paygrade.

BUT for once in our lives, DHS cuts us all a break, is reasonable and understanding over not wanting the Real ID and they move to repeal!! When over half the states in this nation pass legislation banning the federal Real ID mandate to visit their homestead, it's not getting anywhere.

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