Monday, June 29, 2009

Real ID Not an Immigration Tool

This in from Axxiom's Blog c/o  American Policy Center's Tom Deweese

      First there was the Real ID Act. Unfortunately, some misguided Conservative leaders, both in the grassroots and in Congress continue to support this terrible Act as a safeguard to stop illegal immigration. They are horribly wrong.

Real ID is argued to be an attempt to standardize the process and format for the creation of all state drivers’ licenses to achieve increased security. Proponents argue that now we will know that anyone carrying a driver’s license is legal in this country and therefore not a threat. What most Americans do not know is that Real ID did not originate in the United States, but in the backrooms of a UN organization called the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Real ID is not a national ID card designed to protect us from terrorism and illegal immigration – it is an INTERNATIONAL ID card designed to track the movements of everyone wherever they go – anywhere in the world. As you read on you will find that it will get much worse, for Real ID is only the first step.



Brittanicus said...

If the administration--SEALS THE BORDER--according The People, not half measures as favored by the open border, free traders. Then after ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is more or less eradicated through using such powerful tools as E-Verify, and even a National ID card and other major enforcement application. Then we can start recruiting the cream of PH.d, Scientist, Engineers and other professional people and introduce this point system, as used by Australia, New Zealand and other industrialized countries.. American has been overwhelmed with the destitute, uneducated and handicapped that has costing the US taxpayers trillions of dollars through the 4 prior Presidents, and still accelerating at an alarming rate.

Governors, Mayors, judges do copious talking about the most urgent issues, that are causing a major impact on the jobless and the American workers wallet and purse.--BUT DO--LITTLE OR NOTHING. Our elected officials have been brought and sold by businesses specifically in California. If they didn't spend all their time like our politicians using non-financial distractions to hid the virulent problems that burdens our nation. Taxpayers are support businesses they hire cheap labor around the country and have allowed it to get so embedded in our nation, only enforcing laws rigidly can remove the virus. Even with double digit unemployment the Washington legislators want to grant yet another AMNESTY--the 8th one. All the money spent on benefits for illegal workers should be spent on the crumbling infrastructure of our country, not people who came here without legal rights?

In border states the occupancy of foreign nationals has become so prevalent, that I'm surprised to see the United States flag flying above schools, hospitals, government buildings and prison compounds. At the speed of this occupation of illegal aliens and their families, California, Texas and Arizona will have urban sprawl even into the deserts. California--THE SANCTUARY STATE fell foul to illegal immigration, many the years back and has been suffering under the Liberal Sacramento assembly pandering to them ever since. Now they are hurting with a $24.billion dollar budget, that according to City Manager 11 billion can be directly attributed to the the illegal immigrant invasion. For more factual data, not propaganda or naked lies go to NUMBERSUSA JUDICIALWATCH to stop 2nd AMNESTY? STOP FUNDING TO SANCTUARY STATES! NO MORE RAISED TAXES TO PAY ILLEGAL ALIENS & FAMILIES! IMMIGRATION LAWS ARE NOT BROKEN---JUST NOT ENFORCED! CALL YOUR SENATOR OR REPRESENTATIVE NOW.

Beat The Chip said...

I don't encourage anyone reading this blog to take cues from Numbers USA, financed by a eugenics (depopulation) soft-kill think tank like the Pioneer Foundation. "The People" that are free traders do not speak for the 25 states who said No Thanks to ICAO/CFR policy.

It's time to decouple the false connection between immigration control and American identity as posed by the Real ID Act.

Brittanicus' mindset is similar to that which is operating in Washington and the argument that keeps the problem hitched to Americans and their identity. It seems to be a pride of authorship issue bent on obscuring the black market demand for labor. Napolitano's (DHS) history for cracking down on employers for actively hiring black market labor, as well as anyone who has casually picked up a Mexican laborer at places like Home Depot, understands there is an exchange served here. Immigration has much to do with modern indemnity (human trafficking= slavery). Our argument is that you can fix this without dragging down the Americas in a cattle-log of our identity. The American people don't want this. Certain people in Washington want Real ID.


NumbersUSA, the Center for Immigration Studies, and a host of other anti-immigration groups are all fronts for a single man's racism and xenophobia. To learn more about them, see the Southern Poverty Law Center's website:
or read the article "NumbersUSA Addicted to Bigotry":

While it may seem reassuring to have a boogey man (or group of men, or race) that you can blame all of your problems on, Brittanicus, that is both intellectually dishonest and the coward's way out. We, the citizens of the United States, are to blame for the problems in our own schools, government, economy, etc. Fixing the problems that we created falls to us. Sealing the border will not do a thing to solve them. The border walls that have already been built, which have involved using section 102 of the Real ID Act to waive 36 federal laws, have not had any positive effect on our society. They have bled our nation of $3 billion (and counting) and have led to over 300 condemnation lawsuits, but nothing good has come from that misguided effort.

One thing that I am curious about - your tagline sounds like it is either a reference to Rome or Britain. I assume that it is just a throw away reference to the Roman occupation of Britain, probably pulled from a B movie, but you might think about how far outside of the United States' borders both of those nations are when you call for the border to be sealed.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen the causitive link between Real ID(barcoding of human americans) and "Immigration". How does issuing another hackable information device(The reveredEnhanced DL) prevent people from coming over the border? The only way to obtain the result of respected boundaries is to ENFORCE THE PERIMETER. Enforcing the perimeter includes (and should go without saying) DEPORTING THOSE WHO HAVE IMMIGRATED UNLAWFULLY-IMMEDIATELY. How does obtaining MY biometric data and current address by DPS/DHS bring about that result? How does keeping tabs on ME via the "Federalized database" stop any sort of immigration, lawful or unlawful? Using buzzwords like "immigration" do little to explain and are use to cloud the issue by those who do not understand it or are trying to cloud the issue.

As far as what amnesty, unlawful immigration, illegal workers, etc. costs the tax payers, IT IS NOTHING COMPARED to UNFUNDED FEDERAL MANDATES HANDED DOWN BY CONGRESS, which will be paid for with STATE tax dollars & then the travesty of the impending doom of "cap & Trade" a FUNDED federal mandate that will be paid for by taxpayers as well and non taxpayers, i.e., those who receive a refund. I did not mention the costs associated with the "bailouts" - $27000 owed per person/tax payer for that debt, acquired by us without our consent. All of that costs more than illegal workers using our federal system, which seems to be leaving the private sector and will now be catering to the corporate sector. And that just may take care of the all important issue of identifying unwanted, unlawful immigrants and unwanted citizens who do not want a citizenship card. Right? " Point system to attract "cream of Ph.D, scientists, engineers?" " Used by other industrialized countries? " Are you implying those belonging to the "cream" are not coming over here because of the rise in destitution? I think its because of OPPRESSIVE TAXATION and eroding of UNALIENABLE RIGHTS and the pilfering of our PRIVACY. I dont want to go to china or north korea or cuba for the VERY SAME REASONS. Neither does most everyone else. But I would like to travel within and in and out of my country without being subjected to humiliation and suspicion which begs an explanation as to why I am traveling. I must prove I am worthy to travel on the plane, train, bus, and soon to be car.

Not A. Sheep said...

Anyone who is in favor of the Real ID must either be a flea-infested, wool-bearing, quadruped, willing to go over the cliff to his/her death with “faith” in the government [ha!]. If not, s/he must be an infiltrator, a New World Order stooge sent by the perpetrators themselves to cause chaos and spread disinformation. (Actually, sheep are lovely, caring beings. No insult to them, just a prompt to stupid people.)

For those who just don’t have a clue, connect the dots! First they injected birds and other wildlife with RFID chips. Then they put them into ID cards to be worn by children in central CA and corporate and gov workers. Then they chipped pets - dogs and cats - which has caused the cruelest of deaths due to internal bleeding and poisons leaking into their systems. They even got some federal government pawns to agree to put them in their own bodies! Idiots.

We’ve got to work together now to stop RFID in its tracks. It’s urgent. And we can. Already various intended problems have been averted.