Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baldaccci Caves on PASS Act

BTC - Today, Maine's Governor Baldacci caved on compromise to endorse the PASS Act. I can reasonably see DHS Senate Committee Member and PASS Act author, Susan Collins, a Maine Senator, breathing down Baldacci's neck with this message:
", we mark the fifth anniversary of the release of the 9-11 Commission Report. In examining how terrorists were able to attack America, the Commission found that all but one of the 19 terrorists used drivers licenses to board the planes that were used as weapons in the attacks that killed 3,600 people.

The commissioners recognized that easily obtained drivers licenses, were a security vulnerability, stating, for terrorists, travel documents are as important as weapons."
You see, Sue Collins, follows the DHS bible of the 9-11 Commissions Report.

She eagerly pointed out in the reevaluation hearing for Real ID one week ago that the 9-11 Commission Report makes drivers licenses weapons because the report sayeth so. Not because there was any law in 2001 to provide identity to fly in the U.S. or identity screening at airports. Not because the hijackers were all here on temporary Visas. Not because there is massive internal fraud in the federal immigration system. Not because the government was warned about these hijackers and their plans before the September 11th attacks. It was because the report said licenses are dangerous weapons if they belonged to the wrong person.

The absurdity here is that YOU must constantly bear the burden of proof for authorities, based on what's convenient for them. Not because you are a terrorist. It's because you MIGHT be. So we now slip into the psychological realm of pre-emptive chaos where no one is who they are, unless the U.S. government can decide who you are. I have had enough.

I should stop now. I could write a book. In fact many people have. In fact, David Ray Griffin did write an entire book, 9-11 Comissions Report: Omissions & Distortions. His book is about the lies and inconsistencies present in the darkened excuse to scrape away our personal freedoms, known as the 9-11 Commisssion Report.

So, here's to 5 years of mass murder, over 5,000 soldiers dead, thousands more casulaties, corporate collusion, torture, lies, The Patriot Act, Guantanamo Bay, warrantless domestic surveillance, World Trade Center 7, TSA bullying and big fat paychecks for today's oil barons. The documentaries and books are still being written.

The U.S. surveillance industrial complex wants more mileage out of their 9-11 Carte Blanche card. They haven't squeezed us for all they can get. Even though this Real ID business was on the bottom of the stack, a can kicked down the road; it is now cutting in line ahead of disaster relief for what could be the next Katrina. States must still pay in the PASS Act.

Unacceptable, Maine. Raise your standards. When you cave to bullying and lies, it becomes a way of life.

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