Friday, August 14, 2009

RFID Hacking Demo in Airport

c/o Current TV

Sorry ...I have been really under the weather for the last several days. I want to use my uptick in wellness to promote the interview exclusive I have with Chris Paget's new company States like Washington have everything to lose and nothing to gain from Enhanced Drivers Licenses with WHTI compliant RFID tags - which read and expose coded information from 20-30 feet away. Based on my talks with the EFF, this brand of RFID is the most dangerous. It also happens to be the type DHS wants, even as it has failed their own pilot tests.

If DHS insists on screwing the American people out of their privacy, we insist they start providing "protection", especially in the case of RFID. Paget's inventions and innovations can provide solutions for States already sold on WHTI compliant RFID. This brand of RFID allows your private information to be exposed to those with bad intentions. Check back in a few days...

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