Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Massachussett's S.2028 Flu Vax Update

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Most H1N1 flu vaccination will be made available sometime during October in the U.S.

We spoke with Bob Dwyer, a district coordinator and citizen advocate for the Liberty Preservation Association of Massachussetts (Mass LPA) to update us on the status of S.2028. The bill is currently still in the Ways and Means committee. MASS LPA is composed of grassroots citizen advocates who are confronting their local lawmakers about the Constitutionality of S.2028. We asked him about his organization's recent actions and the effort to stop Massachussetts from becoming a precedent setting state for both pandemic tracking and mandatory administration of a flu vaccine. Dwyers group organized to confront State legislators on issues of Constitutionality. They interpret S.2028 to be a mandatory or coercive vaccination law for their state.

We learned earlier, S.2028, potentially would criminalize State citizens for not taking the flu shot with imprisonment and fines of up to $1000 a day. In addition to taking time out to speak to us about the bill and local opposition to the mandates.

Dwyer explained that the State of Massachusetts is distributing 2 types of flu shot: a seasonal flu shot which has been tested extensively and the H1N1 flu shot. The Sanofi-Pasteur Fluzone seasonal Flu shot, expected to be distributed nationally in October, contains the poisonous and damaging natural element, Mercury or mercury derivatives and the H1N1 virus itself. We will be asking the makers of these H1N1 vaccines if they have started adding a nano technology developed by VeriChip to vaccines distributed to hospitals in the United States for intended injection during flu season.

If you have taken this brand of flu vaccine and are suffering from symptoms of Guillain-Barre Syndrome(GBS), which attacks the nervous system and afflicts basic motor functions, please call 1-800-VACCINE. GBS has no known cure, but symptoms can be lessened with treatment.

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