Monday, October 19, 2009

CHIP-aganda thrice milled for hypochondriacs

BTC - A preface to this piece of super creepy propaganda, is that Spain has a history of being on board to make internal chipping look cool. Ever since Verichip introduced what I call a destabilization agent of personal boundaries, much less sovereignty, of a RFID chip contained in a rice sized transparent case Bar"TH"elona discos have made it an exclusive way to "get in".

Imagine..after an initial elite Spanish club introduction, someone possibly ushered in Raytheon's Spanish global defense corporation to partner up with Verichip's technology for patient identification.

They were thinking along the proposed lines of the following video:

I thought critically today about the nuances behind a glucose chip to assist less vigilant diabetics when it comes to limiting driving impairment. If you get your free marketeer hat on you will see what is good for one diabetic is not necessarily the best for all diabetics.

Healthcare decisions are often one of the last battles for privacy while someone is still alive. Decisions about allowing glucose/internal GPS system to be imported into your body should be a private decision. Ethically, there are a few closest to you that may count as Power of Attorney in the event of something bad happening. This is in contrast to a public-private decision where a government corporation makes a healthcare decision about what happens to you and your body without your consent.


Today, the natural chain of command where our bodies and health are involved are being tested daily. Physical resistance to government health administrators mandating injectible microchips or nasal vaccines laced with obscure nanotechnologies was not something average folks conceived of 15 years ago. It's weird right now. Why?

Sovereign citizens question the World Health Organization calling the mostly non-lethal flu a Level 6 "moderate" for world Pandemic disease. Meanwhile, the UN is trying to appear to ready to enforce international police measures . According to the following Natural News report, the U.S. is among over 140 countries bound to agreements to enforce world policy from the declaration of a international pandemic.

One would assume that circumstances would have to be terrible in order for there to be a global power grab. As previously established on this blog, the only permission slip current shadow government pirates need to move forward on the auspices of Continuity of Government is a well defined and recognized global or federal national disaster. Trumping up scarcity and fear of viral mutation drives a product demand which squeezes citizens around their employment and healthcare provision wheels.

So what happens when you get a market flush of any trend? You get copy cats and market raiders.


The FDA/FTC has released an importable fraud widget to report anyone who is making money off H1N1 treatments besides the U.S. government's no-bid buddies.
"Consumers are urged to purchase and consume only FDA-approved or authorized medical products to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure infections caused by the H1N1 virus. Consumers also are urged to contact their health care provider if they have any questions or concerns about medical products or personal protective equipment."

As of right now - Verichip and RECEPTORS LLC do not have FDA approval to diagnose Swine Flu, but will be testing their proof of concept HERE:

October 22, 2009, in New York to unveil details of their virus triage detection system for the H1N1 virus and Phase II development of an in vivo glucose-sensing RFID microchip. The companies will also provide a product demonstration of the virus triage detection system currently being developed.

The event will take place at the Grand Hyatt at 4:30 p.m. ET and feature a presentation by Robert E. Carlson, Ph.D., President and Chief Science Officer of RECEPTORS LLC, and an expert in the field of proteomics and the development of artificial receptors.
Parties interested in attending the New York event should contact Allison Tomek at (561) 805-8008 or at

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