Tuesday, December 15, 2009


BTC - AAMVA or the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators published every state's progress for benchmarks and compliance.

If you are currently unsure of what your state is doing regarding material compliance with the Real ID act or the PASS ID Act coming up for congressional revision; you might want to search this document for your state's DMV or driver's license division.


The very first benchmark is something privacy and identity advocates will pay special attention to among others...

1 § 37.11(a) Subject each applicant to a mandatory facial image capture and retain such image even if a driver license (DL) or

identification card (ID) is not issued

[DEADLINE =] 3/2010 DMV’s new software system will integrate this requirement. Work flow of DL/ID transaction being reconfigured. Work stations will now include cameras to capture digital photos of all DL/ID applicants

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Anonymous said...

is that pic at the top page from harrisburg looks like it ...anyway Sam rohrer who is running for govenor in pa has championed the fight against real id search the the protest against public survielance lancaster pa visit www.republicmedia.tv