Friday, January 29, 2010

Americans Sign Petition to repeal the 1st Amendment

BTC - After this week's Supreme Court decision, I think American's are "Constitutionally challenged" when it comes to Free Speech. If you disagree with allowing corporations which can be owned by any foreign entity to participate in purchasing our elections via PAC special interests you can start by visiting .

If you need further proof .. watch this.

Mark Dice takes on his new cause of repealing the First Amendment on behalf of the New World Order. Most people he approaches, take up his cause to end political hate speech and sign his petition. Mark Dice has a new YouTube Channel and just published his new book titled: The New World Order Facts & Fiction


Wayne Hall said...

Great! You are honing in on a very important issue. And you presented it in a smart way.

But can I ask a dumb question? Would you describe your objective as mobilizing Americans to repeal the 1st amendment? Or showing that you can get Americans to sign a petition for the repeal of the 1st amendment?

Beat The Chip said...

Americans simply aren't missing what they don't know about. I guess the concept here was carried over from Mark Dice. A guess is that he's illustrating how ~ 1 in 10 Americans are largely ignorant of the loss of their civil liberties. I think what's problematic in our country here is that civics was cut from public education as a way to respond to other eduction like social studies, world and American history. If we are going to be taxed for education, we should have more knowlege about how to respond to our government based on our rights. This was systematically done. The disempowerment positioning persists into the State college systems where 101 Political Science classes are told - honestly - your vote does not count. Personal experience: I attended a State college in North Florida and this happened to me. The American government powers do not want to be checked or challenged by the very powerful accountability of the American people. One way is simply finding ways to keep students ignorant. Thanks to the internet, my private education from free market alternatives was a far more effective way for me to reach back into the system to hold federal and State powers accountable. You're welcome.

Doug Nusbaum said...

A corporation is not a person. It is not an assemblage of persons. It is a creation of the state. It must pay dues to the state and file papers every year or it ceases to exist. This is different from people who can still actually exist without filing papers and paying dues to the state.

Saying that a creation of the state has the same rights as people who created the state is --- well stupid!!