Wednesday, February 3, 2010


By Sheila Dean

Can it be done? I want to patent my identity according to legal, private and corporate conventions. If it has never been done, I volunteer to be the first.

The public has their backs pushed against the wall. Corporate buzzards want to sell everything they can get from you - bones, muscle, cellular structures, blood, urine, fingerprints, DNA signatures, organs, eyeballs, semen, eggs, hair and hormones. They don't wait until your dead. They take it from your children as soon as the cord is cut between you and the baby. They won't even ask you if they can sell it or collect it in many cases. THEY - defined as health care and insurance corporations, telecomm companies, credit card barons, and Wall Street commodity thieves. The government is allowing corporations to define what a constitutional right is and who has legal license over aspects of your body, mind and intellectual property. In that pile is the conventionally defined identity. If they can get you to pay to do it to yourself even better for them - less overhead.

Let's do something. Lets patent who we are. Lets sue them out of existence for selling and stealing who we are and using us without our permission or consent. Drag them through the violent hells of civil court and get damages and royalty rewards. With the damages awarded to cities and communities in Class action level lawsuits lets pay the police and protectorates to take down all the cameras and excessive surveillance. Civil liberty PAC squads can buy the best Congressional legislative engines in D.C. to repeal the Homeland Security Act, the Patriot Act, the Real ID Act and somehow get Joe Biden to work in a "bipartisan" way to let it all happen via the Senate. Obama can pick a really cool tie when he signs it all for everyone in TV land.

If it doesn't happen exactly like that then I'll accept spawning millions of small businesses who will franchise a model to scrub persons private records from Lexis Nexus and any other business who legally can capitalize on private background checks without consent using State or federal resources. Don't like that idea? The royalty checks alone from the illegal sale and distribution of our identity articles should help boost the economy.

There are a lot more of us than them anyway.

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