Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Waking Up Orwell: Reconvenes discussion National ID, National Guard

Tomorrow on Waking Up Orwell

Waking Up Orwell reconvenes at it's normal program time this week. News regarding National identity and more. There is a lot of buzz right now about repealing Real ID as a measure to answer back to the run on American identity through labor using biometrics.

A Citizen's Story: Tangerine Giy

Special guest Tangerine Giy joins the program to talk about her experiences as a Iraq war veteran from the National Guard. She is a naturalized citizen who emmigrated with her family from Burma to avoid life in a fascist regime. Ms. Giy was raised in a very conservative, traditional Asian home. Her father became a self-made small business owner, a local community leader, and eventually a city politician. She joined the National Guard in her late teens, during peacetime. In 2003, she was deployed to Iraq in a bizzare application of the Bush Administration's foreign policy to staff up armed services support in the middle east. She will retire from active duty soon and is very engaged with her college studies in Northern California. Unfortunately, she also suffers from the more persistent of battle traumas: PTSD. She has so generously decided to share her experiences in the Iraq war theater with us.

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