Monday, April 26, 2010

Citizen detained for not providing papers in AZ

c/o 4409


Do NOT be fooled by the... SB1070 Fact Sheet. It does not list all the details. You have to read the entire legislation.

This bill is NOT about immigration. If you think it is, they fooled you good. This is about expanding police powers to that of little dictators in police uniforms.

Now everyone who is stopped gets their information and data transmitted to [DHS] via your drivers license number or your social security number or your name. This was not allowed until this bill was passed. Now they can arrest and detain you for any public offense and run all you data through Homeland security.

Soon every state will be doing this under the guise of stopping illegals which it will not stop [undocumented aliens]. All that data will now be used to track you by the federal government. If you get a ticket in Maine, they know. If you get stopped and let go in Texas, they know. If they run your plates in Georgia, they know. This is the beginning of, "papers, please!".

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