Thursday, April 8, 2010

THE LATE-LATE HOOT for Privacy with PRA’s Thomas Cincotta

Photo c/o Liberty Underground

BTC - Waking Up Orwell's shaky yet buoyant history in the world of net-broadcast has begat another episode. This one better than the last - alas horribly late but with great vintage.

"As usual, we get the best stuff for show and it is usually oh-so aptly timed. We start with good news report from traveling Libertarian Congressional candidate Philip Berg on his way to the D.C. area. This week’s DIY government segment becomes a challenge to go get your own FOIA dossiers back from the FBI - Thomas Cincotta tells you how."

As promised, Ed Hasbrouks two-cents to the community of international privacy and security as dispersed at the Protection of Personal Data in Transatlantic Security Cooperation, a public hearing somewhere in Europe. *Big thanks to Brad Jansen for the lead.

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