Monday, May 24, 2010

3 NY DMV employees arrested for internal ticketing fraud

c/o North County Gazette

NEW YORK—Three employees of the state Department of Motor Vehicles engaged in schemes to alter moving violation summonses in exchange for cash payments according to an investigation of the Inspector General’s office.

All three DMV employees were arrested and have pleaded guilty to criminal charges. Three intermediaries, Abdoulaye Diaw, Robert Vera and Hector Viveros, who brought tickets to be altered to DMV employees Norma Lamboy and Debra Perez at the DMV, were also arrested and have pleaded guilty to criminal charges.

All of the cases were prosecuted by the New York County District Attorney’s Office.

Two of the employees, Norma Lamboy and Debra Perez, worked cooperatively to alter the tickets while the third employee, Jose Concepcion, the son of Norma Lamboy, operated alone employing a different scheme. DMV TICKET SCAM REPORT  :::MORE HERE:::

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