Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Internal fraud, data security breaches part of the problem

BTC - Internal fraud and vulnerability to hacks is an ongoing problem across the nation. This has not been a good week for secured identity solutions entrusted to government or public databases. Try as you may, the blame does not lie on the immigrant but the operators and users of less secure technologies.

DMV Worker, State Trooper Charged In Bribery, ID Fraud Case

Seven people -- including a state trooper and an employee of the Division of Motor Vehicles -- have been charged in connection with a bribery and identity fraud scheme that allowed illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses, the attorney general's office said Wednesday.

Denver's website hacked twice in one week

The city and county of Denver website was pulled down Monday night after it was hacked, the second such attack in a week.

Hackers, peer-to-peer networks, human error all threaten health data security

"I spend about $1 million a year just protecting the Beth Israel Deaconess [hospital] records against the nefarious Internet. We're attacked every seven seconds, 24 hours a day, seven days a week," Halamka says in an interview with Bio-IT World. "Half of the attacks come from Eastern Europe; half of the attacks come from Eastern Cambridge [Mass.]. Every September, 1,200 new hackers arrive--they're called freshmen!"

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