Monday, May 24, 2010

Michigan considers AZ SB 1070, Oppsomer, Tenthers get candid

BTC - "Tenther" Michael Boldin and anti-Real ID State representative Paul Oppsommer analyze Arizona's controversial new law.
"It is important for me to say that at this date I have only skimmed various versions of Arizona SB-1070, the person who is going to be introducing it here in Michigan has not finished getting it drafted yet. But it’s my impression that early versions of the AZ bill wanted to prohibit state agencies or local governments from taking up internal bureaucratic policies that might circumvent the transferring of information on illegal immigrants to ICE. But there was then some concern that based on wording the feds could flip it the other way, and use the law to say that the State DMVs would then be handcuffed into going along with whatever REAL ID might ultimately call for regarding the sharing of information on legal citizens, or having to adopt RFID chips or other international standards. But I don’t think they want to share the data of their legal citizens in some haphazard way, and I believe they have addressed that to some degree. " 
-Rep. Oppsommer (R-DeWitt, MI)

c/o Tenth Amendment Center

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