Friday, July 16, 2010

5000 Nebraska licenses backlogged

 BTC - It sounds like Nebraskans are wondering what's happening with their licenses.
"Up to 5,000 Nebraskans have waited nearly 30 days for their driver's licenses, permits and other documents after a problem at the place that prints them for the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles.
Nebraska licenses are printed near Atlanta by L-1 Identity Solutions, one of the half-dozen companies that provide security now required by the federal government."
* Please see the conscientious comments placed about Nebraska by LossofPrivacy, a very cool blog which posts a lot of great news on surveillance.


LossofPrivacy said...

LR 28 opposes the enactment of the Real ID Act in Nebraska and urges
Congress to repeal it. It was adopted on 5/30/07. My understanding was that Nebraska wasn't going to implement Real ID in the state.

LB229 was also indefinitely postponed last year. If it had been passed, some of the Real ID provisions would have been placed in it. I wonder if the DMV just decided to do it anyway.

My license doesn't expire for two more years, and, after LB229 failed last year I admit I kind of stopped following it.

Also, I understand that there are delays because of some glitch, but it's not that unusual to wait up to 30 days for your new license. This happened to me when I lived in NY as it has to many of my relatives over the years.

Beat The Chip said...

Thanks for writing in! What's really great to hear is that Nebraska moved to repeal Real ID.

What's unclear and worth flagging is: if L-1 is printing the licenses does that mean they are Real ID compliant?

I think where I made the jump, was where L-1 was cited as a contractor. They absorbed Digimarc which generally pumps out licenses of all kinds. However, they are also heavily associated with biometrics and the big baddies of benchmark profiteering via licenses. It's worth a follow up report!