Wednesday, July 14, 2010

REDUX: Second life for news that matters 7/14

BTC -  Looks like BLIZZARD and the TSA made populist end arounds.

After second and thirds looks at the NSTIC proposal you should find that mobile phones and banking authentications are going to be networked using one "PKI certificate".  That comes with a high concept flow chart to try to sell it to businesses and YOU the consumer.

You still have until Monday to tell The Chief  how that makes you feel.  Coalitions are forming now to give you 90 more days to get in there and make your 2 cents count.

Here's second life for news that matters.

Guantánamo: holding the 'healers who harm' accountable

TSA reverses online censorship policy for employees

Blizzard's real problem with Real ID and how to solve it

Finally, Big Brother IS Watching You


Nice of them to brag about it.  This will not help cyber security.  How is it that those departments cannot keep their own systems hacker free and now they want to keep privately owned systems free from intruders?  I remember reading something about removing the beam from thine own eye before telling your brother he has a mote in his.
By the way, we are still working to get a class action lawsuit going in NC against the biometric data collection and the basic adoption of the Real ID policies.  If you know of people who want to join, please send them to to sign up.

55% of GPS mobile users surveyed concerned about loss of privacy

Lawsuit seeks suspension of TSA virtual strip-searches

Federal bureaucrats at OMB pitch cyber security in the lap of DHS
But one former federal chief information officer who is familiar with the government's cybersecurity issues and asked to not be named, believes the memo is a response to Congress' call for the restructuring of cybersecurity oversight in a number of bills.

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