Tuesday, July 20, 2010

REDUX: Second life for news that matters 7/20

BTC - Biggest break in transparency reports from mainstream media come from the Washington Post.  Special thanks, lead tip goes to Christina Zaba.

WaPo laid out a "rainbow" of where your tax money goes when it comes to programs shrouded in secrecy in their TOP SECRET AMERICA investigative project series.

Other news sources are following train on the tiresome public-private collusion:

Here is second life for news that matters:

ON NSTIC: Private Sector Security Experts Convene at the White House to Discuss the National Cyber Security Agenda

More from driver, Howard A. Schmidt here.

ECONOMIC INCENTIVE: Billions in EHR Incentive Funds Up for Grabs as Doctors Go Digital Across the Country

Wikileaks Reopens

DEFCON:  Cyber "warfare" panel in all of it's foulmouthed beer drinking glo-rayy here.

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