Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sir Bonar, Her Majesty's Government Data Sharing Czar

BTC - Watch this madness.

Sir Bonar Neville Kingdom, an extremely senior member of the UK's Civil Service, Permanent Secretary and Whitehall's Data Sharing Czar, shares the UK Government's attitude to electronic identity and electronic interception of data with the London  Open Rights Group conference, 2009. 

Apparently, Sir Bonar tweets his insights about data, privacy and government and the international data sharing agenda @SirBonar. Please check out his most recent published statements on Lulu.

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Anonymous said...

You label this "parody". But there are dozens, hundreds of people who make up this tendency in UK officialdom, and no doubt in the US too. The result is all too real.

Very few of them speak fluent Farsi of course, or have the number of admirers that Sir Bonar enjoys.