Thursday, December 2, 2010

Florida: DMV brokers drivers license after adopting Real ID laws


BTC - Florida's wintery grounds become heated over DMV mishandling of driver information. The West Palm Beach Post reported the DMV had sold license records to 3rd party marketing firms, including some very private information, like Social Security Numbers.  The civil lawsuit is based on violations of a federal driver privacy law.

According to Paul Henry with Floridians Against Real ID, this is the 2nd class action State based lawsuit against the DMV's mishandling of driver records. The lawsuit is the first of it's kind since the Florida adopted State laws compliant with the Real ID Act. Privacy and data brokerage concerns have been a strong argument against moving towards centralized ID card systems for Americans.

Mr. Henry updates us on legislative reform towards driver privacy and updates on Florida's move to nullify the Real ID Act, invoking a classic 10th Amendment move.

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