Thursday, December 23, 2010

When the RFID market propaganda moves in on the Aussies

"People aren't very interested in it any more. It's done now. It's more just an easability [sic] thing. You go up, you swipe, you open. Essentially when I take the dog for a walk I don't have to take the keys with me."- Mr. Joe Wooler,  an Aussie walking about with an RFID chip embedded in his flesh.
(Did we just BEAT THE CHIP?) 

BTC-  Every now and then the internal chipping market for RFIDs will turn up in a PR piece.  Usually it's a feature of a hip, young individual adopting an embeddable RFID chip for streamlined convenience and ease of operability.  This spotlight perspective might be that digital privacy is a thing of the past and that "privacy is dead" so why not let technology work for you?

Such is the case of Joe Wooler, Aussie, tech patsy and convenience dupe who made headlines by adding RFID into the folds of his skin and his lifestyle.

You can imagine most everyone else just thought injecting a rice sized microchip into your arm was an oddity until a few underground documentaries, like Zeitgeist,  hitched the internalized RFID to an economics wagon, the panopticon and the dark prospect of global governance.  The US the market for the rice sized chip sunk like a lead Zepplin after Contemporary Christian culture found its placement consistent with "the mark of the beast".

Mark of the beast?

How about mark of Fluffy or Whiskers? A lot of people inject RFID microchips into their animals so they can be found.  It's not the greatest prospect for the animals' health.  They have been linked to cause cancer in dogs.  It may not be the best for human use.

One of the strongest outcriers worldwide against digitizing parts of the human body and of synthetic humanity is an Australian public interest group called We The People Will Not Be Chipped. They released a well researched documentary on IBM's role in fostering Verichip's multiple rebrandings and other nefarious prospects on embeddable chips called One Mainframe to Rule Them All.

More people are becoming wise to the mobb of passive electronic tracking available due to the internet and other mobile devices.  Our argument is that our biology hasn't caught up to our capacity for advanced technology.   Social networking is really pushing boundaries of respectable concealment.   There's something to be said for the matriarchs and patriarchs of Internet culture using Anonymity masks and pseudonyms.  These are inventive charachters close to the genesis of successive, evolving technologies.  Their wisdom should not be discarded due to government or technological trends.

Plenty of people still may not know or be aware of the dangers they face in losing their privacy c/o RFID technology.

Until then, this blog and hundreds of independent, successive campaigns will sustain a mission to inform the public about the dangers of a comprehensive digital dragnet for the identified person.

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