Wednesday, January 12, 2011

REDUX: NIST goes on record about NSTIC..possibly TMI

“We have a major problem in cyberspace, because when we are online we do not really know if people, businesses, and organizations are who they say they are. Moreover, we now have to remember dozens of user names and passwords. This multiplicity is so inconvenient that most people re-use their passwords for different accounts, which gives the criminal who compromises their password the ‘keys to the kingdom.’ " - Cybersecurity czar Howard Schmidt on NSTIC
"The Obama administration is creating a new office within the Department of Commerce to oversee implementation of its trusted identities in cyberspace strategy. "

BTC -  Great article about the wary American with concerns over NSTIC c/o  [Yes.  We've been burned before....]

NIST finally makes the scene regurgitating Gary Locke's statement that "it's not a national ID card".  It might really help to show us what the hell it is they are really talking about.

Yet... plenty of people are putting it together on their own that NSTIC is like letting Facebook issue drivers licenses to Internet users.

Or worse ... it's just the US government patronizing Internet users by saying "No, no!'s not a government system to watch you! We just need to know if you really are who you say you are if you'll be using that computer in your home or at the cafe or wherever ...and that it's really you!"

Yes, yes.. we've heard it all before.. "We [NSA, DHS, FBI, CIA, DoD] just need to know who is: flying, driving, walking, talking, travelling, buying, selling, etc. etc."

It's got that new cybersecurity agency smell.  I don't trust it.

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