Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NIST's Grant under Fierce IT heatlamp for NSTIC's similarities to Federal Identity Credential Access Management Roadmap (FICAM)

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Here is the bottom segment of a letter I submitted to NIST in lieu of public comment.
"Please reconsider the NSTIC program for an Interagency security use within the walls of the government sector as policy. It simply isn’t a very appropriate amenity for mainstream civilian living. It has a place and a market, but it should be appropriated to places where surreptitious demand for ID is required already.

NSTIC will face a lot of opposition for coaching this society to upsurge identity requirements for absolutely everything they do for the sake of commerce."
Here is a copy of the FICAM Roadmap.  Explore the similarities between FICAM & NSTIC today!

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Aaron Titus said...

I think that FICAM and NSTIC are certainly related, but not quite the same thing. It might be more correct to think of FICAM as an implementation or subset of NSTIC.
But I think you are correct to note that the most vocal supporters of NSTIC come from the SmartCard/RFID world, because they see NSTIC as an opportunity to increase sales. And in theory, NSTIC could end up looking like a lot like FICAM for the general public. We just don’t know yet what it’s going to look like. But I suspect that’s probably close to the SmartCard/RFID lobby’s choice.