Thursday, August 11, 2011

" Understanding issuance models"

c/o Secure ID News
"Moving toward off-site issuance is one solution, but a program has been put in place to explore other options.
The Driver License/Identity Verification Systems (DIVS) program was formed to organize, implement and coordinate a system to verify information provided by applicants for driver licenses and identification cards. 
Mississippi is the lead state for planning and implementing the initial stage of the program. Florida, Indiana, Kentucky and Nevada also participate in the joint effort between the states, DHS and AAMVA.
DIVS encompasses several electronic verification systems that can be used by state driver licensing agencies to verify documentation provided by driver license applicants as a form of identification, says Maj. Jason Jennings, director of the Driver Services Bureau of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.
The scope of DIVS includes verification of:
  • U.S.-issued birth certificates;
  • U.S.-issued Passports;
  • U.S.-issued immigration papers; and
  • Social Security information.
DIVS also has oversight of a yet-to-be-developed system states can use to make sure that a driver license applicant does not hold multiple licenses across the country. "
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