Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sec. Napolitano Faces Tough Questions from House Judiciary Committee

c/o (would you believe it?) Numbers USA
"When it was Rep. Sensenbrenner’s (the former Judiciary Committee Chairman and author of the REAL ID Act) turn to ask questions he wanted to know if the Secretary planned to extend the REAL ID compliance deadline, which is January 15, 2013.

The Secretary admitted that she opposed REAL ID, but was not the only one standing in opposition, citing numerous state governors. She said "We advocated for the PASS ID Act as a replacement" and that only 22 states would currently meet REAL ID standards. Though not currently introduced in the 112th Congress, the PASS ID Act would repeal the REAL ID Act’s provisions implementing secure driver’s license/personal identification card standards.

Mr. Sensenbrenner then asked when the Secretary would "drop the boom," referring to penalties such as individuals not being able to use their state issued ID to enter a federal building or pass through airport security.

However, the Secretary simply responded, "It’s tough to say. We are a year away."

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