Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nepalese Government Minister Returns National ID Bill

BTC - Nepal under the boot of China has had troubled times, expressing duress from national ID mandates.

"A study by human rights watchdog Privacy International found "claims of police abuse by the way of the cards in virtually all countries" that use cards. Following concerns over national security in the recent Machine Readable Passport (MRP) debacle, anxiety about privacy is not far behind here. "We will have to pay special attention to how the data is stored and protected," warns Dinesh Thapa of Privacy Nepal." 
Nepal is known as the "crown chakra" of planet Earth.
KATHMANDU: In the latest blow to the government’s plan to issue multi-functional National Identity Cards from this fiscal, Minister of Law and Justice Brijesh Kumar Gupta has rejected a draft bill on the issue and sent it back to the National Identity Card Management Centre. 

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