Thursday, March 29, 2012

REDUX: Yes, the States REALLY Reject Real ID

BTC- How many times and ways do we have to say it?

Here's the 2012 remixed, remastered version from ACLU:

Yes, the States *Really* Reject Real ID

Further legislative commentary here.

It's not news that the Chertoff Firm isn't listening to anyone but their business partners, but in all fairness they have their perspective too.

If you need to say it yourself the petition is still open for the individual who wants to get their 2 cents in. Anything is possible. D.C. still may listen to a few constituents...

Here is second life for news that matters: 

Next airport hurdle: ID checks

NSA dismisses claims Utah Data Center watches average Americans


Rhode Island's Chafee says he'll veto E-Verify bill

TWIC electronic readers still years away

Mother Country:The perils of getting an assist abroad on having a baby—for Americans and foreigners both.

CDT asks (rhetorically) How Congress Should Tackle the Drone Privacy Problem?
CDT's background on Drone rules here.
DIY GOVERNMENT: Tell the FAA: Don't let aerial drones spy on Americans

Bellingham, Washington Ends Photo Ticketing Contract

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