Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Adam Kokesh endorses Sheriff Mack as ATX alternative to Real ID author Rep. Lamar Smith

BTC- Adam Kokesh, a national anti-war activist, solicits voter and campaign support towards ousting Real ID author, Rep. Lamar Smith. He piles on a list of complaints over Smith's performance against citizens rights, including his authorship of an Internet censorship bill, SOPA and his concurrent reauthorizations of the USA PATRIOT ACT.

Kokesh adds his complaints to a lengthening list of dissenting Internet campaigns to replace the House Judiciary Chairman, including that of the 511 Campaign, Anonymous, and Reddit's TESTPac.

"I called out Lamar Smith months ago over intent to mandate E-Verify, a plan to siphon every prospective employee SSN through a DHS webcloud for permission to work, SOPA, the PATRIOT Act, and, of course, his supporting role authoring Real ID. The redistricting effort has made it difficult for voters to have other options than Lamar Sith, but not impossible," says Sheila Dean, a vocal opponent of centralized identity programs.

Kokesh promotes the campaign work of Sheriff Mack in Austin and San Antonio, Texas.

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